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Hindu temple to visit in Chennai with Self driving cars

If we are planning a road trip with our family, the best place to visit is always a spiritual place. This post will help you to find a good place to visit with Self driving cars in Chennai.

Sri Parthasarathy Temple

It is an old sculpture dedicated to Lord Krishna and located in the city of Chennai. Sri Parthasarathy Temple well Known for its historic presence in Tamil Nadu. The temple is easily noticeable from distance due to its giant gopuram and hence attracts many devotees and tourists at the same time. Timings to visit temple are from morning 4 am to 11:30 pm. Photography allowed in the temple.

Kapaleeshwar Temple

Kapaleeshwar Temple has its unique architectural style. Detailed gopuram and temple head. The magnificent height is around 37 meters are what makes this temple best place to visit in Chennai.

The temple is home of  Shiva and Karpagambal. Attracting many devotees even from foreign countries in its premises. Devotees are allowed to worship from 5:30 am to 9 pm. Photography allowed in the Kapaleeshwar Temple. To reach Kapaleeshwar Temple it takes 10 kilometer from Chennai.


Mylapore is another popular place in Chennai. Distinct culture is followed in the neighbourhood of Chennai is Mylapore. In fact Mylapore is Known for the oldest residential area in Chennai this place is historically known as Vedapuri.

The major cultural addition here is equally important music sabha and the musicians apart from the architecture. This place also famous for that special vegetarian food. Photography allowed here too.


Tiruttani is a small town nearby Thiruvallur. This famous temple dedicated to Murugan that stands on top of a hillock. As well as to reach the temple by climbing up the 365 steps. Apart from Murugan temple there is also Shiva temple, Vinayagar Kovil and Eswaran temple. To reach Tiruttani it takes 90 kilometer from Chennai with the self driving cars.

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