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One day trip from Chennai with self drive cars

In every weekend we always confused where to visit with our family and friends.This blog will help you to choose best one day trip places to visit from Chennai. Now a days renting a Self driving cars in Chennai is so easy and cheaper option than cab or taxi. Following places are near Chennai to visit with our Family.



At a distance of 75 kilometres from Chennai, Kanchipuram or Kanchi is one in all the foremost famed spiritual journey sites in the state. Kanchipuram is the most important Places to visit in Tamilnadu by self driving cars.

Kanchipuram has a rich history and it is one of the oldest cities in India. The temples of Kanchipuram are best known for their grandeur and nice design. The design of Kanchi monuments was stylish with nice sculpture work and distinctive vogue and have become a benchmark for South Indian design.

Kanchipuram was the capital of the Pallavas who dominated over the territory extending from the river Krishna in Andhra Pradesh to the river Kaveri within the south. The Pallavas fortified the city with ramparts, moats, etc., with wide and well arranged out roads and fine temples. It usually takes two full days to visit the major temples in Kanchipuram.



At a distance of a fifty-seven kilometer from the city.  Mahabalipuram (also referred to as Mamallapuram) is set in Kanchipuram district within Tamil Nadu. it’s renowned for its shore temples inbuilt seventh century. Mahabalipuram is one amongst the should visit weekend getaways from the city for in the future trip. This conjointly a serious heritage site in Tamil Nadu and one among the best places to expertise Tamilnadu tourism. Mahabalipuram is one of the best places to incorporate in your Pondicherry tour plan.

It is associate degree ancient historic city and was an active port throughout Pallava kings in Seventh Century AD. consistent with the legend, it’s been named when the demon king Mahabali World Health Organization was far-famed for his generosity. Some maintain that it’s been named Mamallapuram when the Pallava King Narasimha Varman I, an excellent battler with the title Mamallan.



At a distance of 47 kilometre from Dharmapuri, 345 kilometres from Chennai, Hogenakkal Falls may be a falls in on the Kaveri watercourse set in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu.

Hogenakkal is additionally one in all the finest waterfalls. One of the the extraordinary tourist places to visit from Chennai.The falls has about fourteen channels with drops variable between fifteen foot. small boat riding is one in all the most attractions here that is allowed throughout the monsoon and winter season. yachting is sometimes stopped in peak monsoons.

Hogenakkal is additionally the great place to do out your swimming skills. The water is kind of difficult. Tourists also can opt for trekking on the nearby encompassing hills. The water from the autumn flows towards the Mettur Dam that is also known as the Stanley Reservoir.


Enjoy the luxury of renting a Self drive cars in Chennai with your family and friends. Sometimes travel is the best option to releive from stress and anxiety. Happy Driving!

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