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Two days trip from Chennai with self drive cars

We all tired of regular working schedule. To get relieved from that, the small trip is always be the best option. This list of places will definitely relieve from your stress and give you refreshment. These destinations are awful places for two days trip from Chennai. Rent a Self drive cars in Chennai and escape from your regular routine life.


Nagalapuram is 70 kilometres away from Chennai. It attracts many tourists by its scenic beauty. Nagalapuram Falls offers a great trekking opportunity as you go into the forest. There are 3 waterfalls with a pool next to it. The water is very pure and refreshing. Trekkers can visit the trekking route which is about four kilometre. Parking facility is also available at the beginning of the trek. Due to the small distance from Chennai, large numbers of tourist visit the waterfalls every year.


To reach Pondicherry from Chennai it takes 170 kilometres. Pondicherry is a little town with lots of attractions. It is the perfect place for a fast escape from the city. In this town, you can chill by the beach, take long walks around wonderful French lodges and a couple watersports, as well. While you are in Pondy, ensure you visit the prominent Auroville town. Perfect for a multi day trip from Chennai, visit Pondicherry between the September to February for the Best climate.


To reach Tirupati it takes 135kilometre from Chennai. Time to visit Tirupati is November to March. Tirupati Venkatesawara temple is one of the most important, most visited and richest Hindu temples in India. The main temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, a god Vishnu, is located on the top of the Tirumala. Prefer trek than the special darshan ticket while travelling with young energetic groups. Because it gives you a different experience.


It is a great place for a two day trip from Chennai. Yelagiri is 228 kilometres away from Chennai. If you love adventure sports, you will have a great time in this hills. The Yelagiri hills are the perfect setting for adventure activities. Besides adventure activities, there are great sites to visit in these green hills.

I suggest you prefer self driven cars for a two days long travel road trip for the better experience. I hope this list of destinations will help you to find the best places for two day trip with Self driving cars in Chennai.

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