Nisha Cars foods to try in Chennai

Famous authentic local foods you must try in Chennai

Check out fascinating, authentic local food. Instead of ordering foods from food delivery app. Chennai has a large variety of food items to treat your taste buds. So following list will helps you to find different food items to taste with self drive cars in Chennai.

Authentic Chennai Special

In the morning try filter coffee and masala dosa in the famous hotels in Mylapore. After that, try Vadacurry from the hotels which are in Chennai for a long time. Vadacurry is famous in and around Chennai.  You can also eat popular Sundal, Sambar Vada in Chennai.

Burma Foods

You can enjoy Burma foods at Burma Bazaar. From the evening, this street will be crowded by the Chennai people to eat their favourite Burma foods. Some of my favourite are fried Atho and Bejo Soup. The way they presenting the noodles will make you order one more.

Sowcarpet Food Street

In the evening try out some famous vegetarian foods in the streets of Sowcarpet area. The Sowcarpet has been occupied by the Marwari community for decades and they started a unique food culture. Some of the popular must try food items in the mint street of Sowcarpet is Muruku sandwich, different types of dosa and idly varieties. You will get lots of options to eat and also you will get to know about Chennai very well. And most importantly amount you are spending here is way cheaper than food you are ordering online from fancy restaurants.

Night Eats

Even in midnight, you can easily get tea, coffee and hot Samosas from peddlers. Mostly night shift working people will be crowded here. You can get Kulfi and buttermilk from the roadside vendors near the beach. I never eat that much tasty Kulfi with nuts before in my lifetime. I’m not over-rating here try it once and after that, you also feel the same.

Nowadays all popular Tamil foods are entered in Chennai. So you can taste Madurai famous Jigirthanda, Chettinad foods and snacks in Chennai itself. My conclusion is Chennai is not all about idly dosa, but it also has many famous foods from all over Tamil Nadu. So do some research, hire self driven cars in Chennai and enjoy Chennai every way possible.

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