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Top things to do in Chennai with Self drive cars

This top things to do in Chennai list will help you to find a different side of the city with Self driving cars in Chennai. This complete list comprises the list of places and activities you must not miss to do in that place.

Marina Beach

First thing on the list is the longest beach. Marina is the longest natural urban beach in India. Marina beach has lots of attractions for kids who love to play with beach sand and for elders it ambience is enough. Various rides and Snack stalls are also available here. In marina beach, we can get a variety of local foods for vegetarians and also for non-vegetarians. It is a major hang out places for Chennai people. Thousands of people visit this place regularly and the best place for walking in Chennai. Marina is also emotionally connected to Chennai people after a large massive protest by youngsters. So this is one of the must visit place in the list.


Thiyagaraya Nagar is shortly called as T Nagar. This is the main market place for shopping at a cheap price. Here we can get various discounts and deals for dress purchase. This street will always be crowded with people, especially on weekends. So avoid visiting here on weekends. All kind of dresses and accessories can be purchased here at a low cost. While walking in the flooded crowd you can notice small snack stalls with a variety of snacks on each side of the street which attracts people to eat. Hot small Samosa is my favourite. So give a try to this street if you visit Chennai.

Turtle walk

The coast of Chennai is the breeding ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtle. From 1987 one voluntary group called The Students Sea Turtle Conservation Network. Basically, in the night they will search for eggs in the seashore and relocate the eggs to the safe place for 45 days after hatching. This SSTCN voluntary group will safeguard the hatched turtles and they will release them in the sea safely. This process will increase their chances of survival. This turtle walk process takes place between January and April every year. To join this walk and get to know about this endangered Olive turtle. We have to register on their website before. In turtle walk, they will teach about the turtle and how to find and handle the egg properly. This is definitely a different experience.

So experience this Beautiful metropolitan city by hiring Self drive cars in Chennai and start exploring.

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