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Weekend Destination from Chennai

In India, Chennai is one of the busiest city. To get relieved from the tension and stress travelling is always be the best solution. So if you are in Chennai and looking for some fun and exciting destinations nearby take a look at our list of places to visit with Self drive cars in Chennai.


Pondicherry is at a distance of 170 kilometres from Chennai. Puducherry is also called Pondicherry which is a city and capital of the Union Territory of Pondicherry. Puducherry is one of the most popular tourist destinations in south India. It is suitable for a two day trip from Chennai. Main tourist attractions in this place are rock beach, paradise beach, Bharati Government Park, French war memorial, Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auro beach. These spots are eco-friendly places, So don’t miss these places.


Tirupati is situated at a distance of 150 kilometres from Chennai. It is also a most famous pilgrimage centres in India. Tirumala attracts millions of devotees every year. Tirupati is in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh state. To reach this Sri Venkateswara temple by walk it takes 3500 steps approximately  3 hours to reach the top of the temple. Also, we can reach the temple by bus but many devotees prefer to walk by praying. For accommodation, we have to book in advance on their website or book by other sources. Tirupati temple is India’s second richest temple. So spend one or two days to visit this place and don’t forget to book before travelling from Chennai.


Vellore is at a distance of 70 kilometres from Chennai. It has good connectivity with major cities in Tamilnadu. This is an ancient city that has been ruled by many prosperous dynasties over the years. Vellore is famous for its royal forts and temples. The main attraction of these places is as follows. First in the list is Kaigal Waterfalls. It is a famous waterfall near Vellore city. After waterfalls, Jalakandeswarar temple and Srilakshmi Golden temple is must visit. Vellore Fort is another beauty of this place. 

Other locations to visit with Self driving cars in Chennai are Tada falls, Pulicat Lake & Sanctuary (Near Srikalahasti), Nagalapuram falls and Arunachala Temple in Tiruvannamalai. These places are suitable for one day visit. So plan accordingly and start exploring with self driven cars.

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