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Places to visit in Chennai for Weekend Getaways

Tourism is important to increase the economic growth of a country and also contributes more to exchange. Unlike some other cities in India, Chennai is considered to be one of the biggest culture and tourism centers in India by tourists. Both Indian and foreign tourists are increasing Day by day to visit Chennai, it attracts thousands and lakhs of people. Here we listed the top 5 Places to visit in Chennai with nice sightseeing and attractions. Let’s get into the article.

Marina Beach

It is a Largest Natural Urban beach situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu along the Bay of Bengal and is near St. George Fort. Marina Beach is considered to be the Second Largest beach in the world attracting 50,000 visitors on an average during weekends and on holidays.

The mesmerizing beauty of Marina and its rich ecosystem is a must place to visit in Chennai once in a lifetime. Watching the sunset and sunrise is an awe-striking and enchanting experience for tourists. The beach is very popular for food stalls and you can see more than 500 shops run by about 1,212 vendors. During evening time you could take a walk and enjoy the fresh breeze air with a hot plate of Bajji, Murukku, and Fish Fry with your dear ones. The white sandy sea shore and its landscape will make you to feel pristine beauty and jolly ambiance. It consists of 2 Swimming pools and it receives 2500 people on an average during the summer season(In the month of April and May)

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

This is one of the most popular tourists spots located in Vandalur, Kancheepuram District at a distance of 32 Kilometers from Chennai. It is a Zoological Garden spread across 602 hectares and it is considered to be one of the largest Zoological Park in India. 

It has close to 2500 species of FLora and Fauna and has more than 1600 wild Species. The park is well developed with separate safari for elephant and Lion, Deer etc. Those animals have been established on a hilly terrain which covers about 70 Hectares and deer park covers almost 35 hectares and the elephant safari covers 30 Hectares. The Destination is very suitable for Nature lovers. There are almost 1200 different species organisms are found in this Zoo and it has a Jurassic park which is added to attract the tourists. But it is advisable for the tourists not to feed or disturb the animals in any manner which is harmful to them. Smoking and Alcohol is not allowed inside the Zoo.

Marundeeswarar Temple

Marundeswarar is a temple Located in Thiruvanmiyur Chennai and is dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva named Marundeswarar meaning the God of Medicines adjacent to the beach of Bay of Bengal. It is amust place to visit in Chennai to Know the Dravidian Architecture. As it is been glorified in 7th-8th century and the cholas extended the temple in 11th Century.


It has been believed by the people that curative worship will treat all types of diseases. The temple is named so because he is said to have taught the great Sage Agastya about the herbs and plants. So it has been believed by the people that curative worship will treat all types of diseases. It is also famous for 1 ½  feet self-manifested Shivalinga and it consists of of Lord Vinayaka and Muruga statues. Moreover, this temple is famous during Shivratri, Skanda Sashti, and Vinayaka Chaturti. It is a historical temple to be visited once in everyone’s lifetime. 

So don’t hesitate to drive to this enchanting places in Chennai. If you are new, then you can take a Self Driving Cars in Chennai and visit the Places. Feel a unique and hidden paradise in this region.

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